Helps provide healthy coat, teeth, and nails

May help improve your dog's metabolism and cell growth

Helps support optimum muscle and bone growth

Magnesium & Potassium have been known for proper muscle function

Includes parsley and breath aid

Vitamins B, D, And E help support overall cognitive function

True Pawz is a result driven for health

True Pawz All Four Paws Multi Vitamin is the ideal product for your pets’ essential needs. A complete blend of vitamins and minerals support cognitive function, the nervous system, cell growth, and metabolism. A blend of Calcium, Niacin, and Phosphorus help support health teeth, coat, and nails. Magnesium and Potassium help support muscle growth, recovery, and endurance.

This blend of vitamins and minerals help improve overall health and therefor overall quality of life. Helping your pet protect themselves against environmental toxins, free radical damage, and maximize body processes.

Commercial dog food is heated to such temperatures that many nutrients the raw ingredients have to offer are cooked off. Therefor many dogs do not get the recommended daily vitamins and minerals from their diet alone. True Pawz is committed to the overall health and well being of your pets. Our specially formulated All Four Paws Multi Vitamin helps fill the gaps in pets’ nutrition.

Pets first. People second.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

Amazing Supplements

“@truepawz has their own line of amazing supplements, but out of their love for Baal and all doggies they sent a brand isn’t even theirs in order to help him.”

– Tiana, Ocala FL

Growing Like A Weed

“My Maverick was growing so slow as a puppy. I did a bit of research and found that commercial dog food really doesn’t provide everything my pup needs. I got him this product online a few months ago and he’s growing like a weed now! His coat is way thicker too.”

— Cathy Turner, Florence, SC

I’ll Definitely Keep Buying!

“I won this product on an Instagram giveaway. So far, my boy likes it and I’ve noticed a lot more energy. The True Pawz team was so easy to work with and I got the free product with a hand written note! And it took less than a week to ship to me! I’ll definitely keep buying!”

— David, 34, Orlando, FL

All Her Daily Vitamins In One Tab!

“Bailey is the pickiest pup and doesn’t always eat her food. It’s nice to know that I can get her all her daily vitamins in one tab! And, she loves them!”

— Kathy, 46, Atlanta, Ga

So Much Energy!

“I got this product from a friend and was skeptical at first. We’ve never used any kind of supplement. Isn’t a dog supposed to get all their vitamins from food? Boy, was I wrong! Gizmo has so much more energy even after the longest times at the dog park.”

— Elizabeth, 28, Escondido, CA

Amazing Product!

Amazing product! Biscuit is feeling much better! Full of energy and his coat is so full. 

— Jack M.

This Did The Trick!

Got this recently for my dog who was experiencing coat and skin issues. I make my dogs food, so I assumed I may have been missing some nutrients and wanted to supplement his meals…this did the trick! He has more energy and his coat is very shiny! New brand that does what the other’s can’t.

— Shannon


Supplement Facts

Complete blend of vitamins and minerals help support cognitive function, muscle growth & endurance, dental & coat health, and metabolic health


Why Choose Us?

Here, at True Pawz, we believe in the overall health and well being of your pets. We care for, and make products, for your pets as if they are our own.



We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and helping you and your pets with whatever they need. Check out what our customers say about your True Pawz team!

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